Modeling 101 (posted 11/1/11)

So you want to model huh?  Well lets start with the basics.  In a nut shell, being a model is someone who represents a product or service for a client, to showcase their goods to the consumer.  This can include clothing, cars, jewelry, accessories, consulting services or any thing else.

 There are various divisions or categories in modeling, in which you can determine where you want to excel in.  These include: High Fashion, Editorial, Commercial Print, Catalog, Spokesmodeling, Voice-over, Promotional, Parts Modeling (i.e. hands, neck)

 “What does this mean for me as a model?”

This means you have to prepare your self to be a representative for the category(s) you want to work in as a model.  In preparing you need to know your strengths and weaknesses, begin practicing what you are trying to accomplish and ALWAYS be ready.  Your preparation will also include your appearance. Keep your self maintained with natural type of makeup (or none), polishes and clean, read-to-style hair. You are a blank canvas ready to be painted on. Keep that in mind!

If you need more tips let me know! This should be a good start 🙂  Enjoy your lunch!



2 thoughts on “Modeling 101 (posted 11/1/11)

    • amodelsmodel

      Thanks homie! I have aloooooot to share and expose to all, not just those who want to learn more about the business. Thanks for sharing!

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