I can get with THIS! Or I can get with THAT? (posted 11/8/11)

“Well what am I supposed to do?”

Now that you have a general definition of what a model does and what may be expected of him/her, it is time to determine rather you want to pursue modeling as a hobby or a career!  O yes! There is a difference.   We all know a hobby is something you enjoy doing, yet do not have the time or may not want to do it consistently.  Ideally, we would all loooove to have our favorite hobby as a career….i’m working on it myself!

Ask yourself, what are the reasons you are even interested in this industry? If you do not have even the slightest bit of interest and are doing it because it looks “glamorous”, my friends, it won’t last long!  Always remember to do your research on the industry. It is cut throat (doesn’t mean you have to be) and very competitive.  But if you find your niche, please! No one can stop you!

Now, you can get with the hobby or you can get with a career! Me personally, the career is where it’s at!!!! Be up for the challenge….I can assist you down the road and you can assist me!

If your career bound in the modeling industry, look out for the next post on learning the business.

“Be camera ready”! 



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