My Interview with Model, Jamia Eaton!!!!!!

I had a Runway Run-in!! What is that you ask?! A Runway Run-in is my interview segment of the blog.  All interviewswill be listed under this category.

I had the privilege to have my first interview with model Jamia Eaton. When I tell you that there are working models under the “radar”, please believe me!

Read the interaction that I had with Jamia below. She has experience in other markets besides the US, like London and South Africa just to name a few.  Ok ok….im done rambling!  Enjoy the interview!

AMM: Hi Jamia, first I would like to take the time to thank you for allowing me to interview you for my blog. Just wanted to share your experience as a working model and what we can learn from you! My first question is how did you get started in the modeling industry?

Jamia: Well I started later in my 20’s. I got my feet wet by doing some jobs in the Atlanta area. My mother sent some pictures into the “Elite look” contest each year they had it.  I finally placed in the East Coast semi-finals; however they weren’t sure where I fit as far as losing or gaining weight since I wasn’t the mainstream size, which is a size 6

AMM:  So what did you decide to do regarding your weight!?

Jamia: Who wants to gain weight!!!  (both she and I begin laughing).  Of course I decided to lose the weight! I was also scouted in New York one day while there shopping for my upcoming wedding after all the events in Atlanta begin happening.  The rest is history!

AMM:  That is awesome! So what’s your most enjoyable category of modeling that you have done so far?

Jamia: I did enjoy fashion, which is where I started, but now that I am older I am transitioning into commercial print and lifestyle.  I have to be trained in this category! This fits me now, especially since I am a Christian and am older than when I first began.              

AMM:  The theme of my blog is what a model models his/her life after. What would be something that you model your life after in your daily living?

Jamia: I would have to say I model my life after Christ.  At first I had big dreams!  Certain jobs signified that you “made it” in the modeling industry like, doing work for Victoria Secrets and Sports Illustrated to name a few. My perspective on that changed when I learned more about Christ.

AMM:  What changed?

Jamia:  At first I would lie about my age to stay marketable as well as me aspiring to do those most wanted jobs that made you “official”.  Because my mind was changing (growing in Christ),  I did not work for a year.  As my faith grew I started changing my surroundings and changed the way I was handling things.  After hearing a sermon on lying, it really made me think about my decisions and make some adjustments.

AMM: I am so glad to hear that! What you said was a prime example of not letting the modeling industry change who you are, but letting it adjust to YOUR lifestyle!  What advice can you give to us young girls and woman who want to get started in the modeling industry?

Jamia: My advice would be to stay true to who you are! The media paints a false picture of success, in which a lot of us embrace.  There are always choices, stay on the path and don’t compromise your beliefs, ever!

AMM: That is great advice and a great story!  Thank you again for taking the time to speak to me, where can we reach you to learn more about you and your career?

Jamia:  You’re welcome, you’re welcome! You can find me on Facebook, or my online portfolio!

***What an interview! I would like to thank Jamie Eaton again for a great conversation! She gave me some great tips (outside the interview) on life and on my aspirations to become a model.  There is such thing as working models ladies!  You don’t have to be “known” to be successful as a model!  Below is Jamia’s contact info if you want to know more about her! 


Online Portfolio:


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