Why Can’t I Juste B…….!

Have you ever heard of an Organic Nail Bar? You may ask yourself what that involves. Well let me tell you!  Juste B…an Organic Nail Bar,  is the only conscious nail salon in Baltimore, MD where you can get manicures, pedicures waxing and more all without harsh chemicals!  This chic shop is the at home feel you’ll want while getting pampered.

How did the concept arrive?! Let’s hear it! “Born from a simple lunch conversation between a group of friends, Juste B was formed from two simple concepts, a busy lifestyle should not equate to an unhealthy lifestyle and healthy green services should not equate to expensive services. As young working women, Maryam, Kenya, and Ambra are always looking for that moment to just relax and be pampered in a healthy salon environment. But, simple perks as a manicure or pedicure do not come without worries or dangers in local salons throughout the city. After years of nail salon services that could potentially contribute to health issues caused by unsanitary conditions, they decided it was time to make a change. By opening Juste B, consumers are able to enjoy the simple perks of life without sacrificing their health or the planet”. (www.juste-b.com)

There you have it! Models, we always need to maintain our appearance, and doing it consciously is always a plus.  Also ladies , along with your little ladies, neices , cousins, mentees,  this is a unique shop that provides classic services.  Make sure you check out Juste B and make an appointment today!  Be Conscious! Be Healthy! Be Relaxed!

Find Just-B on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/JusteBNailBar

Find Juste-B online at www.juste-b.com



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