Hey you….mind YOUR business!!!!!


It’s about that time for you to start knowing the what, when and how of minding something! That something, of course is your decision to move forward in the modeling industry.  Let’s take a few minutes to explore the WHAT, WHEN and HOW to consider the basics needed to advance as an up and coming model!

The What

Here you ask yourself, “what business am I trying to mind?” Glad you asked! That would be the business of modeling Once you figure out rather this is something you like do for a hobby or it’s something you want to explore as a career, you can determine how you want to move forward. Let’s say you want to deal with the decision of making modeling a career. From here we can transition into the next portion of this article…..

The When

“When should I start minding the business of modeling?” Now that you want to begin a career in modeling, you should know a few basic steps and terms to help you along the way.  You decide what area of modeling you want to excel in (commercial print, promotional, fashion, beauty, runway, etc.)  Make sure you are ready to handle the rejection, not take things personally, and proceed in landing auditions/casting calls regardless of the prior outcomes. Don’t worry about what others are or are not doing, focus on YOU! Do some research on the business as a whole to get a general idea of what you’re getting into.

The How

Now! You have decided that you want to model and are starting to get a better understanding of what modeling is about, it’s time to get into the basic steps and terms.  The below will answer the question “how do I start minding the business of modeling?”  Take notes!

Basic steps (terms will be bolded and defined below):

  1. Get a few good pictures (headshot, full body) (don’t spend a lot of money)
  2. Start getting ready to keep your body maintained
  3. Practice and study what you type of model you are trying to become
  4. Be professional at all times
  5. Get representation from an agency. Do this by submitting photo(s) to agencies that best fit the area you want to work in
  6. Try to get agents that offer non-exclusive contracts


Headshot – a picture of your upper body focusing on your face (smiling and non-smiling is good)

Full body shot– a picture showing your body in full length (a nice stance shows how well you may or may not pose)

Agency– an establishment that represents you as a model who gets your work for a fee on each job that you book

Non-exclusive contract – an agreement between you and an agency that allows you to work with other agencies. With this contract you are free to work with any other agencies you choose to. (this contract is recommended)

Well that’s all folks tune in next week with another exclusive interview with working model Monique Pridgeon!!!!!!!!!!!




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