My Interview with Model- Monique Pridgeon!!!!!

Hello hello! Well, I have had another Runway Run-in! Let me introduce you to Monique Pridgeon.  This lovely lady is a commercial print model loving her career!  Take a sneak peek into the discussion I had with Ms. Pridgeon




AMM: Hi Monique, thank you so much for you time to sit and talk with me for a few minutes about modeling! So let’s dive right in how did you get started in modeling? What was your motivation/inspiration?

I always did local runway work in high school and college.  In college I studied Journalism, and it came to a point in my career where I wasn’t fulfilled. I began modeling some would say a little later than usual. I really didn’t know how far I could go with it but I did a photoshoot and submitted it to an agency.  I received feedback from the submission and visited the agency.  The rest is history!

AMM: That is wonderful! How long has it been since you been modeling and how do you stay so busy?

It’s been about 5 years since I’ve been modeling full-time. I am represented by more than just one agency across the region. From New York, North Carolina, to Philly. Working with non-exclusive agencies gives you the opportunity to increase your chances for more work.

AMM:  Can you tell us how commercial print modeling provides longevity in the modeling industry?

Commercial print modeling is a great market! A lot of the times in the modeling industry we think of your career being at its peak in your teenage and early young adult years.  That may be true for something like runway, however in commercial print there is definitely longevity!  You have the ability to be put in age ranges where you can play different parts in and advertisement or promotion. With an age range, if I look the part, I can play the part.


AMM: What has been something you have modeled your life after as a model in this tough industry?   

My faith has sustained me. It is the number one leader and everything else falls into place from my personality, challenges, even to how I deal with others. Faith has been my launch pad in my overall life.  My family and friends have been supportive of me as well. You have to know not to take things personal in this business, because remember it’s a person’s opinion as to why the choose you or not.  Keep on moving!

AMM: That is a great perspective on the industry, not worrying about the responses just continuing forward, I love it! What advice can you give those who are trying to tap into the modeling industry but think they have sexy or provocative to do so?

I would say find out why you want to modeling in that specific area. They have to have their own experience.  Just like when a parent warns their daughter about going out with a boy who is nothing but trouble and the young lady doesn’t want listen.  Eventually they realize on their own that it was not worth it. Their self-esteem may be a factor as well and it may seem like the only way to “make it” in modeling.  Exposing the potential model to different avenues within the industry will help as well.

Monique thank you soooo much for your time, you gave some really great points and pointers within the modeling industry! Ladies another working model has let us know that you can succeed and do it full-time! Hope you enjoyed!  You can learn about Monique below:





One thought on “My Interview with Model- Monique Pridgeon!!!!!

  1. lachanda wooten

    She has been a sister girlfriend of mine for a veryyy long time. I love her ambition, I always knew she would make it. You go girl!!!!

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