My process of progress….seeing results!

Hey models and misses! Today’s entry is going to discuss my modeling ventures up to this point.  I briefly mentioned in another post (I think) about how I sat on this goal of becoming a model for about 10 years.  It was something I really really wanted to do in my teenage/early young adult years.  However I was in school and working and didn’t want to drop out “if” I made it to “the big times” (lol).

Throughout those ten years, I found my self still wanting be in front of the camera, doing family events that had some type of modeling involved, taking pictures and looking at auditions here and there.  Now! Fast forward to summer of 2011. I had set it in my mind to really give this career goal a fighting chance.  And this my friends is where they persuit began.  Since last year I have been on various shoot with great photographers, worked with some charitable organizations, signed with multiple agencies and have booked some work! 

Evaluating this past year and making strides to fulfill my goals and dreams as a model has shown me that hard work pays off (which we know!!!). I am uber excited to see what’s next! Stay on the look out for me!!

***Do you have a story you want to share? Let me know and I’ll feature you on the blog.

 Have a good one!



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