A Curlfriend Moment

Hey Curlfriends!  So this past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Virginia Natural Beauty Hair Expo in Richmond Virginia, and it was a blast!

(Photo courtesy of Virginia Natural Beauty)

If you’ve never been to a natural hair expo, its a great way to receive in depth information, network and of course buy great products! Let me introduce you to the CURLS brand!  Some may already know about it and to those who don’t….now you do!  Curls brand is for curls of all shapes and sizes.  The products have no harsh chemicals and promote frizz free curls!  There is a 4 step process to curls: Cleanse/Clarify, Condition, Moisturize and Style.  Each step has a variety of product line in order to suit your hair needs.

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The Significant Figure! (Dressing your body shape)

Ladies! Ever wonder what your shape is? Well look no further! Lets go over some of the general body shapes and great tips on what types of clothing to look for.

Do you think you have a shape?


The answer should be a resounding YES!!!! We all have a shape! We just have to learn to love it, dress it and OWN it!

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