Have You Polished and Lathered?

Happy Friday Models and Misses! I have a great  Q&A to share with you from Polish & Lather! If your looking for beautiful bathing products without the harsh effects, keep on reading and enjoy getting to know this company!

What prompted you to start Polish and Lather?            

It happened on a whim..for a while. I learned how to make soap about 20 years ago. It was one of those things I enjoyed doing! 

I used to go to bath and body works. I used to love their stuff! I started looking at the ingredients.  One of the main ingredients was mineral oil. I figured I could do a better job than using cheap mineral oil. That’s when I started experimenting with body polishes, and other bathing products. People began asking for more items as I was making it, so Polish and Lather kind of grew organically.

I didn’t start making soap and body products with the intent to sell. It was more personal. It satisfied my craft and was useful.  As polish and lather began to grow, people wanted the product as gifts for others. So I said let me legitimately set this up. I applied for my LLC to build the business properly.  The official launch of the website was January 1st of this year!

How long have you been in business?

Officially for 10 months (via the website). I’ve been selling to friends and family for about 5 years, and have been a soap maker for 20 years.

What are you aspirations and goals for your brand?

I want it to be recognizable.  People should be saying: ‘Oh I want this and I want that…let me go to polish and lather.”

I want it to be a brand that’s associated with a learning experience. We like to travel so we incorporate our travels into polish and lather.

Last November we went to West Africa, visited and gathered salt from Salina’s  and black sand to make exfoliating soap. The salinas in Cape Verde is called Lume Salt Crater. The salt is naturally occurring. But, the bring in sea water into the crater is hypersalinated so you float in it like a man-made Dead Sea.   I’ve also visited Morocco and filmed some of the shop owners. An entire collection was built on items I found in there!  .On one of my visits to Morocco, I met a woman who makes argan oil. She had a wooden stone and stick and grinded the oil. This was made by hand, not just picked up from supplier. I actually know and witnessed where it came from!  Other trips included Belize and Jamaica in which ingredients were also brought back in incorporated in my collections.

Getting soap from ingredients around the world is a part of the Polish and Lather experience.  In 3 weeks I will be in Thailand doing the same thing…looking up things to  bring back to new collections!  We like to have behind scenes going on.   For example if I have to make soap containing goat milk, I will be the one milking the goat.  We want you to be connected and invested in the brand.

Who is the target consumer for  Polish and Lather?

My target consumer is me actually lol…shes actually me. Someone who’s more urban, lives in the city, who appreciates nice and pretty things. She is conscious about what she puts on her skin, but also likes the story of where stuff comes from. She’s a career woman in her 30’s who enjoys a great pampering!

 What can we expect when using Polish and Lather?

Expect bathing beautifully. Something that’s really pretty to bathe in… flowers, specials oils clays, botanicals, etc. Your skin is going to feel good, not itchy, dry, or tight, due to the pleasant bathing experience using Polish and Lather.

Do your products contain all natural ingredients?

No, let me explain why. In soap making, you cannot make a soap that’s 100 natural because you have to use caustic. Solid soap uses sodium hydroxide from a lab, liquid soap uses potassium hydroxide.

That alone makes it not natural. There are no FDA terms to say what is or isn’t natural. Its whatever someone may say. I don’t want to be misleading because there is a manmade element from the lab.  I also have soaps made from essential oils and some with fragrance oils.  Some scents I really like you that you can’t get in nature. Fragrance oils offer something different from essential oils. The  raw soap batter has a high PH. Essential oils will get added to the batter when it’s still raw and this is where some of the properties don’t survive the saponification process.  Essential oils can be really expensive almost $25 for a bar, so I won’t put them in soaps that often. 

Some mass produced items in stores aren’t soap. By law they can’t be called soaps, they are detergents.

All of our soaps are made with vegetable oils like: coconut, palm kernel, olive and such.  All is vegetarian and almost all is vegan some products have honey and beeswax.

How can we keep in touch with you?

Facebook and instagram are the biggest presence. Pretty soon pinterest as well.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PolishandLather

Instagram: https://instagram.com/polishandlather/

Pinterest: http://www.polishandlather.com/www.pinterest.com/polishandlather

There you have it folks! Be sure to check www.polishandlather.com real soon! I will be!



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