I Had a Maxi Moment!!!



Hey Stylers! How are you today?  I’m doing Maxnificent! Yeah I know its a made up word lol,  but its a great one to describe how I’m feeling in this beautiful Maxi Dress from Shabby Apple! I had the great pleasure to collaborte with them and experience their brand. Check out how easy and fun this dress feels!



The colors and print chosen by  Shabby Apple are bold yet vibrant, while the fabric has a comfortable, soft touch.  I accented the dress with black and gold accessories as a subtle compliment to the silhouette.  It really didn’t need much to stand out! My hair style was achieved by doing a flat knot out, and makeup was very light and natural. A dress like this can be worn for any occasion because it’s so versatile!




I am very pleased with this beauty! It suits my love for a great maxi that can practically be worn all year. Glad to have this dress in my Maxi collection, which I’m looking to grow even more. Hope you enjoyed this photo session and please, be inclined to have your own maxi moment with the Micha Maxi Dress today!

Have a great day!


Photographer: Syreena B Photography

Makeup: Kia

Hair: Kia


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