Life After the “I do’s”!



Happy New Year everyone!  What a year it has been. From getting married, to growing businesses, to networking, to growing my self individually….it has been a quite interesting year!  Today I want to  welcome you into a brief summation of being married for a year and what I’ve learned.


My husband an I got married on 12-13-14.  It was such a beautiful day filled with love and excitement!  We went into our marriage knowing that we wanted to put God first and do things his way. We did marriage counseling for more than 6 months (even before we got engaged)!

Some may wonder “why in the world would you do that and he didn’t even propose?”


Well, we knew where we wanted our relationship to head because it was a topic of discussion that we communicated to each other frequently.  The counseling was to help us see all aspects of marriage and determine if this was really something we wanted to embark on with one another.


And here we are today, a year later! I has been one of the most beautiful challenges I have ever experienced. You get to learn a lot about yourself, which I wasn’t expecting. You will definitely come face-to-face with areas such as patience, support, love and commitment through the not so rosy times (which he do have!). It may be difficult, but your partner is there to sharpen your strengths and expose your weaknesses so that the best may be brought out. Its like a refining process!

Over the past year we have grown so much! I look forward to many many MANY more years to come with my Husband and embrace the growth that will nurture our love. Marriage is a beautiful union that works best with the two giving their best in order to make the one a powerful entity.



I have much more to share about marriage. If you want to see more post in regards to this topic or have any questions, please let me know!

To great marriages!




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