I’ve Got the blues

Syreena  B - IMG_7537


Lets start our day off what the blues, yes the Monday blues! Its the beginning of the week and for those who work the standard “9-5” we get the “ooooh its Monday” syndrome” Today we are going to flip the script and give the blues a different fun and bright perspective.  Do you own any blue piece of clothing in your wardrobe?  There are so many different hues! I’d like to share with you when I got the blues in this beautiful skirt!

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Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve

Syreena  B - IMG_7360.JPG

Have you ever felt like you were wearing your heart on your sleeve? I have! and it happened to me in a dress! Usually when we think of shapes on clothing our minds may be directed to children’s apparel or something made for youth.  You can wear shapes like hearts if its done right!  Boy was it done right in this beautiful maxi dress from a cute boutique shop!

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