Street Geek

Syreena  B - IMG_7473


Ever feel like a nerd?!?? Nothing wrong with that! Great glasses and a chic outfit will unlock your inner geek (a chic one at that!)

Syreena  B - IMG_7456          Syreena  B - IMG_7400

This outfit was inspired by a mix of street style and geek style. combining the two for a nice casual and fun look. I’m wearing a beanie, maxi blouse, leggings and heels. To compliment I had subtle jewelry from my friends at Rocksbox, and a pop of color on the lip!

Syreena  B - IMG_7493        Syreena  B - IMG_7435

If you looking for a fun and easy going look, try this one…its super easy and room to move. Which is great if you are a mom, doing a lot of movement or just like a loose fit.


Syreena  B - IMG_7444 (1)

Outfit details

Beanie: Me&My

Maxi Blouse: Me&My

Jewelry: Rocksbox

Shoes: Barefeet Shoes


Go ahead and get “street geek” 🙂





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