Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve

Syreena  B - IMG_7360.JPG

Have you ever felt like you were wearing your heart on your sleeve? I have! and it happened to me in a dress! Usually when we think of shapes on clothing our minds may be directed to children’s apparel or something made for youth.  You can wear shapes like hearts if its done right!  Boy was it done right in this beautiful maxi dress from a cute boutique shop!

Syreena  B - IMG_7303

This easy wear is so light and airy and stylish! The colors give it a warm tone that compliments your skin tone very well. This was one of those fabrics where you can just shake it out of your bag and go.

Syreena  B - IMG_7349

I really didn’t pair this with accessories or anything because it didn’t need much to make an impression. If you’re looking for a great styled dress that can be worn at any occasion go here to get yours!


Syreena  B - IMG_7302.JPG

Remember its quite alright to wear you heart on your sleeve! You may get some hearts back 😉



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