I’ve Got the blues

Syreena  B - IMG_7537


Lets start our day off what the blues, yes the Monday blues! Its the beginning of the week and for those who work the standard “9-5” we get the “ooooh its Monday” syndrome” Today we are going to flip the script and give the blues a different fun and bright perspective.  Do you own any blue piece of clothing in your wardrobe?  There are so many different hues! I’d like to share with you when I got the blues in this beautiful skirt!

Syreena  B - IMG_7608.JPG

There are so many ways to wear a full midi-skirt! I particularly like the dressy-casual look you can pull of in it.The cross between dressy and casual allows for my playful items to be incorporated. Although simple in structure, it bursts with style!



To compliment the blues, I’m wearing a flannel shirt from the goodwill (yes the Goodwill!) and a cute twist bracelet from my friends over at Rocksbox!  The skirt is from Me&My and is topped off with a neutral platform heel to bring out my dainty side!


Syreena  B - IMG_7640

Have the blues today…and don’t forget to smile 🙂




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