The Bold & The Huetiful


Happy Friday stylers!  It has been another week completed and another weekend to enjoy! How was your week? Tell all about it in the comments section. You may need to vent a little 😉

While you vent, I want to introduce a little color to your life!  Do you own a statement necklace? I do now! Check out how a paired this pop of color prettiness with some classic solids!

Statement necklaces are a great piece to add to your outfit. They offer personality, color and style to any outfit.  Turn the basic into the bold & the huetiful! I’m wearing the Imani statement necklace from The Good Danger Shoppe. Its a light weight piece they brings a having punch of style.

IMG_5766  IMG_5830

I felt like such a lady ! The necklace really did bring together the outfit quite nicely. Just added a bag to compliment the colors and had on a neutral colored shoe (to keep the necklace the main focal point)


I have a treat for you! To get a nice deal on this and many other statement pieces from my friends at The Good Danger Shoppe, click here to get 20% off by using coupon code “GOOD20“.  Tell them I sent ya!

IMG_5800   IMG_5774

Have a great weekend! (I thought the last photo was funny, she caught me talking lol)



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