The Moral of the Floral


Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! So this post is loooong over due! My apologies for the delay.


Spring is trying to make its appearance but winter is like “I’m not done yet!”. Well while we wait for the flowers to bloom in nature, we can enjoy them on our clothing. Usually I’m not a floral print type of girl, but I’m starting to like them more and more! In this post I’m wearing a beautiful floral blouse from my friends over at Jack and Monroe.

IMG_5896     IMG_5888

This shirt can be worn any many ways ( I chose a semi-casual look).  It can easily be worn with different colors that will give different looks. The loose and breathable fabric allows you to keep cool on those soon coming sunny days.


I paired the floral blouse with a long red maxi skirt to add a little pop of color. Red also made an appearance on my lips (still trying to get used to it lol).  Kind of simple yet still a chic outfit.


Soon we will be able to enjoy flowers all around us and not just on us! Let’s make it a great week!







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