The Essentials!


Hey everyone! Long time no post its been a lot going on lately (still)!!! I was supposed to have been posted about my experience with this salve Ive been using!  Let me introduce you to Natrual Annie’s all purpose salve!


All Purpose Calendula Rose Healing Salve 2oz


I have been using this salve for a few months now and I’m really enjoying it!  It leaves my skin feeling soft, especially my hands. My skin tends to be a little rough in some areas so when I find items that aide in my skins improvements I like to keep it around!

This is an all purpose salve thats useful for the following:

  1. Moisture Boost
  2. Nourishing Nail Balm
  3. Soothes Joint Discomfort
  4. Soothes Skin Irritations
  5. Great for minor cuts and bruises



Not only do I enjoy the fact that this product has natural ingredients, but also the fact that it has handmade. The owner puts alot of effort and I would say love into her product.  She cares about the end result not just putting out someting to sale. I can appreicate that!

If you’re looking for an effective yet not greasy salve, check out Natrual Annies here.  Take note that the smell is not a flowery and sweet because of the ingredients used.  Let me know what you thin when you use it!  Have a great week!

Be sure to try this and her other products when you can, she has different items to choose from!




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