Surpise! My Sweet 16…


Great morning everyone! Yesterday I stated that I had a huge announcement to make.  I’ve taken a little break from some things, thought about some things, made some plans of action and gotten back on board to living out my passions.  In the process of all that (and more), something beautiful has been stirring up!

IMG_20160703_143940 (1)

My husband and I are expecting! 1+2= BABY DREW (coming soon)!  We are so excited to meet our very first child! This whole process has been so amazing to me thus far. I am in so much awe on how God has created our bodies to automatically get to work on preparing for new life. Its such an beautiful design!  If you dont mind, in the upcoming posts, along with other topics, I’d like to document the reaminder of my preganancy with you!

Right now I’m at 16 weeks(sweet sixteen with our little bean!) and in my 2nd trimester. We have lots to do yet we are also enjoying the moment.  We are greatful and thankful for this new life and are preparing to be the parents our child needs!

IMG_20150912_155435665 (1)

Are you preganant now? Post your comments below and let me know how it’s going. Also, make sure you follow this blog so you can get the automatic emails on the cute photos, shopping items and more!  Take the journey with us!

Have a wonderful Saturday! Next post will be up about how I’m feeling at 16 weeks





5 thoughts on “Surpise! My Sweet 16…

  1. robin titus

    I cannot wait to lay eyes on my first grandchild. God has bless my son and his wife with a life to bring forth in this world. A little baby Drew to be loved by a great couple and I know they will be great parents. Thank you God for this blessing them.

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