Can You Say…LUV Naturals?!

LUV Naturals

Hey there! If you haven’t noticed already, I am natural and have been for 6 years!  Through out the course of my natural hair journey, I have typically stuck with some staple products.  Within the last year or so I’ve been enjoying trying brands that promote natural hair.

Todays post is about the brand, LUV Naturals.  The company was started by one of our You Tube sensations, “Kimmaytube”.  I purchased the sample kit to get an idea of what the product line is like.  Can I say that I really appreciate the fact that I can try before I buy???!?!! Ok see let me give you the deets!


Sample Kit- All 7 products

In the sample package you do get 7 products to try, which include:

2 ounce (59ml) sizes of:

“Don’t Be So Clingy!” Hair Detangler

“Wash Me Gently” Shampoo

“Conditional Love” Hair Conditioner

“Love Me and Leave-In” Conditioner

“Aloe Citrus Kisses” Hair Acidifier

1.3 ounce (36g)  sizes of:

“Shea I’m Beautiful” Hair & Body Butter

“Smooth Operating Aloe” Hair Gel

I used the products to detangle, wash, condition (including leave in), acidify and style my hair! My hair did feel soft and bouncy!  It wasn’t weighed down or heavy due to using a generous amount of product. Overall I had a great experience with the LUV Naturals brand and will probably be buying items in the future.

Watch me in action to see how did a few styles just with the samples (and I still have some left).  Get to know LUV Naturals here by trying the sample kit.

Happy Tresses!




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