The Little Black Dress!!!




Hey stylish moms-to-be! I have a great one to share with you today.  The further along in pregnancy I get, the more I’m realizing i need and want to be comfortable! Does that mean i have to sacrafice style in order to fulfill my comfortablitly? I think not! I had the pleasure to style a very versatile little black dress from a trendy online boutique. Keep reading and learn about what my thoughts are on my LBD experience.





I was introduced to PinkBlush on my  search  for great maternity clothes that still gave me a stylish flare.  This simple yet flexible black dress is a Hi-Low cut thats sure to be come a staple in any preggo ladies wardrobe! It’s breathable fabric and lightweight is something that i really enjoyed.  Not only was it easy to wear, but it was fun to style! I came up with soooo many ideas on how to wear this dress.  It is simple enough to run your everyday errands, but can be jazzed up for a sleek look (which I opted for this go round).


So to spice up those little black maternity dresses here’s a few items that can help:






  1. A great statement piece of jewlery~ Compliment your basic with a bold accessory! Anything that has a great design aspect to it, rather necklace, bracelet, watch, or earring will definitely add to your dress.
  2. A great shoe~ Shoes can add so much flavor to any outfit.  You can opt for a solid classic shoe, a flat, a printed shoe or even a sneaker.  Each shoe  style will bring a sense of individuality to your basic dress.
  3.  A great personality~ Make sure to let yourself be seen in your dress. You make it come alive with when you shine through.


Overall, I really enjoyed this dress! If your looking for comfort and style at a reasonable price, be sure to check out PinkBlush! Happy shopping!

See this outfit live on YouTube for bump style inspiration here





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