The 1st Trimester

What a beautiful day it is! Wouldn’t you agree? Today I’m going to talk a little about my 1st trimester of pregnancy, which includes: how we found out, our first appointment and how my body felt as new life was forming. Hope you enjoy!


You know, sometimes, going through your typical daily routine doesn’t have you consider any new changes that may be occurring in life, let alone inside of you.  On May of 2016 I had realized that I was a little late with my monthly visitor, and pregnancy was not the first thing that came to mind. I figured this was my norm since that’s how it is usually. So I was encouraged by my husband to take a pregnancy test (still not even thinking that could be a possibility).  So that night after work, I came home and he was ready lol. “Kia, I got the preganancy tests” yes plural! I headed to the bathroom to nonchalantly take a test that I just knew was going to be negative.  After a few minutes elapsed and I saw the results I was shocked! I was indeed pregnant.  I screamed with joy to let my husband know. Once he heard me he screamed and ran up stairs.  So we embraced and had a joyful moment. Now the journey begins!!!!


As soon as we found out, my husband wanted to tell the world right away, but I wanted to enjoy the moment together for at least a week.  And he made sure it was just a week!  We started by telling our parents, then family and friends. I started my prenatal vitamins within the week that I found out.  Then it was time to make the necessary appointments to make sure everything was developing wonderfully with baby Drew.  When I called to make my first appointment, I was around 7 weeks! I couldn’t believe I was that far along and didn’t know it! We saw our little bean for the first time. What an amazing experience to actually see a new life growing inside of me.  From our first appointment, things took off.  Genetics testing, blood test, pre-natal panels, more appointments, and so on.  It all was happening so fast, but we got through it.



During the 1st trimester a lot of things were going on with my body that I didn’t recognize as being pregnant.  The first 6 weeks or so of the baby forming, I was experiencing some symptoms that were related to my monthly cycle as well as a lot of sleeping. I would always be caught sleeping somewhere! I thought it was due to needing a mental relief from work, clearly I was wrong. I also experienced breast soreness and itching.  This is most likely due to your body preparing milk for the baby throughout the entire time you are carrying. The milk ducts will enlarge or even form more and your breast will be tender. I can’t forget the nauseous feeling of having to throw up. That would happen almost on a daily basis during the 1st trimester, however, I never actually threw up.

All in all, the first trimester was a learning experience! Every time something new happened, I looked it up, read about it or asked questions. Doing this allowed me to be a little more at ease about what was going on and embrace the changes.  If I could give any advice, try to start thinking about the outcome now while you’re experiencing changes. Realize that your body is working overtime to accommodate for another life. Be sure to rest plenty, eat well and relax! And of course, keep calm and mommy on! (your attitude towards the pregnancy really helps!)  See you guys in the 2nd trimester!







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