A Date with Your Mate!



Hey Stylish Mommas! Today I want to talk about our date nights while pregnant.  It may seem like additional efforts to get all dolled up for your honey bunny, but just maybe it won’t be so bad if you can find and easy garment to slip on!  Do you still want to feel glamorous while your carrying new life? Well you can! Check out this easy to wear dress for any formal affair or fancy outting.  See this outfit live on YouTube for bump style inspiration here!



Lace automatically steps up the class on any garment.  This beautiful sage green maternity maxi dress is ideal for any outting! You will definitely have the WOW factor that will compliment that bump quite beautifully.  The material of a soft chiffon drapes over the lower part of the body for a stunning fit. Of course as you grow the material has some stretch to it to accommodate your tummy. The upper part of the dress has  detailed lace, which doesn’t require much accessorizing.

Here’s how I styled this Pink Blush Maxi Dress to get me ready for a romantic date night!







  1. A great hair do~ Show off this dress in its entirety!  Swoop your hair in a quick bun or updo to reveal the loveliness of you in this great silhouette!
  2. A great earring~ Any type of earring that dangles is going to give an awesome pop to this style of dress. You can simplify the earring or jazz it up. I opted for a simple drop style earring as an accent.
  3.  A great clutch~ Finish of your look with a classic clutch! Show them momma has style and class! I coupled this dress with a vintage inspired clutch that I thought complimented the lace well.

I never knew maternity clothes could be so fun! Im loving the experience of learning new ways to style me new body. And of course the trendy online boutique that  we all know (Pink Blush) definitely helps!  Now that you’re all dressed and ready, enjoy your date with your mate!




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