The Big Reveal!



Everyone likes surprises right?! Well this was one surprise we (my Husband and I) were both thrilled to find out! In early September, we had our gender reveal party for our little baby Drew. It was a great time and my friends who organized it did a phenomenal job!!!! Let take a look at some of the details. Make sure you read to the end so you can find out what we’re having!!!

One of my friends thought it would be a good idea to have a gender reveal party.  I had been seeing these for a few years now and thought they were really a cute idea!  After agreeing to do so, we came up with a color scheme and suggestions on how the party should flow.  Then, my friends took it from there! (I like to be involved in details, lol so i was banned from all planning).

The theme was “Touchdown or Tutus?”, with a main color pallet of grey and yellow. My girls were referees for the days events! Their outfits were sooooo cute! They really committed to the overall theme with those outfits!


The event was at a residential location with about 50 people. I enjoyed the intimacy of it as we wanted to share and enjoy the moment with a just a portion of the people we knew. This wasn’t something that we wanted to have a whole lot of people attend.

Lets talk about how the reveal went down!

Upon arrival we said our hellos to our guests, checked out the decorations and took some photos. Afterwards when the majority of our guest were there, we begin the festivities by chatting and chewing.  People casted their votes during that time as well.

After the meal came the reveal (so we thought). But before that we played a game where we had to think of songs that had the word “BABY” and “LOVE” in it. We were divided up into two teams and whichever team could sing the most songs on queue won!

Afterwards our cake was presented to us so we can find out what we were having. Was it a boy or a girl?! The anticipation was high, excitement was built and we were ready! Let the cake cutting begin!


Once the cake was cut there was no color to indicate what sex our baby was. It was a JOKE! They played us lol. After the fake me out, we enjoyed some cake then got ready for the real reveal.  But before that, my Husband and I had a little challenge to do!


In order to find out what we were having, we had to race to change a diaper on a stuffed animal, eat baby food, then spray silly string to uncover what our baby was!


Now that you have a little background of how are day went (which  was AWESOME by the way), its time to reveal what baby Drew is!  WE ARE HAVING…..


You got it, its a BOY!! We are so thrilled and can’t wait to meet him! Thanks for taking the time to read our gender reveal experience.  Did you have or are thinking about having a gender reveal party?  Share you thoughts by sending me a comment, I would love to hear from you!  Enjoy your day!









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