Worked Up To Workout!


Hey there! Lets jump right into the blog post!  As I am progressing through this pregnancy, I am understanding the need of exercise a lot more. Now, of course nothing strenuous should be done, but there are lots of benefits to keeping your body at least stretched during your pregnancy! Watch me in action here!

I have been implementing some lower hip and pelvic movements so that my body will continue to expand and be somewhat prepared for the delivery process. Staying loose is so important along with other factors.


Some of the things I have begun to do include: squats, lounges, pelvic rotations, back exercises and breathing techniques. My goal is to have a natural birth (we’ll talk about that in another post :P). I have the basics down, however staying consistent is my goal.


Prior to pregnancy I hadn’t worked out in a few years so I’m easing my way back into it. My goal is to do at least 30 minutes a day in the mornings before I start my day. That way my body is loose, my blood is flowing and I’m feeling awake!

Of course you want to feel comfy (and stylish too) while  your doing your workouts! I’ve tried a pair of pants and shirt from Ingrid & Isabel that are very comfortable! If I decide to implement more exercises that require me to break a sweat, these items have noooo problem adapting. I love the support and breathability (if that’s a word lol) you receive from the garments. The fabrics are non abrasive and move with you.

If you are pregnant or thinking about wanting to get pregnant, definitely consider exercising.  Having a baby is body altering, especially if its your first time.  Anything you can do to prepare yourself for the delivery will definitely beneficial!  Also workout out as a pregnant momma in style! Consider Ingrid & Isabel for your next set of work out pieces.


Remember you’re carrying a new life inside, so lets get worked up to work out! I would love to hear your workout regimen! Just leave me a comment below. Have a great day!





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