The Glam Mom


Great morning everyone! Its “bump day”  or Wednesday lol.  Hope your having a great week so far.. Can’t believe we are half way through November already! Any who, every once in a while us ladies like to feel grace, poised with glamour…. ok just plain old beautiful on the outside.  Check out how I styled this beautiful maxi for a more glamorous look while pregnant!

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The Maternity Dress



Happy  Bump Day! And what a bump it is! Baby Drew is getting bigger and we are getting closer to meeting him!  As the weather has changed, so have a lot of the outfits. We’ve put away the light and cool clothing and exchanged it for cute scarves and cozy sweaters to bundle up in. Within the mist of the change, a great maternity dress can still fit in this fall!.  Take a look at my fall shoot with a simple and chic maternity dress.

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