The Maternity Dress



Happy  Bump Day! And what a bump it is! Baby Drew is getting bigger and we are getting closer to meeting him!  As the weather has changed, so have a lot of the outfits. We’ve put away the light and cool clothing and exchanged it for cute scarves and cozy sweaters to bundle up in. Within the mist of the change, a great maternity dress can still fit in this fall!.  Take a look at my fall shoot with a simple and chic maternity dress.


It’s white, its crisp and its fresh!  I’m wearing a custom made maternity dress from House of Leyton!  The dress was a soft material that had a nice stretch to it.

I paired it with a soft colored scarf for a little fall feel and color and apparently that went well with the backdrop of the photos.


Being further along in pregnancy starts to feel a little different then when you first found out.  Baby is growing and you are stretching to accommodate the growth lol. So of course you want to be able to move freely without any restrictions. This dress accomplishes that goal.

This maternity gown or dress can be worn specifically for your next upcoming photoshoot, bridal shower, or even at home for some beautiful shots in the nursery. However you decide to wear it, House of Leyton has you covered.


Hope you enjoyed! Let me know how your pregnancy is going in the comments below!   Keep styling that bump!



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