Be Versatile!


Helllllo! Its been a while since I made a new post! Sorry for the delay, life got busy real quick and real fast! Excited to share some new things in the next coming posts. But today, I am going to be sharing a pretty cool dress for pregnant or non pregnant ladies. Take a look!


I had the pleasure to work with Agnes and Dora to show case this minimal stylish midi dress. This easy-going dress can be worn just about any where!



For this look, I decided to go for class with simplicity. Neutral colors are complimented for a clean, sleek ready to wear outfit. This grey dress has a very soft fabric that requires no ironing (from what I’ve experienced so far). I topped the look off with a light cream-colored trench coat, a contemporary and casual necklace, with a lacy ankle heel. This look can be worn at the office and transition into a great evening outfit!


Overall, I give this dress 2 thumbs up! I loved that I could wear it while pregnant as a “maternity dress”, and will definitely be wearing it as a post pregnancy dress. Great job Agnes and Dora!


Make sure to go here and check out Shakeria’s inventory and join her Facebook group!








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