The New Man In My Life!


Happy Tuesday guys!  This is going to be a short yet sweet post for you!  I want you to meet the new man in my life! He’s needy, requires a lot of attention but he soooo cute! My husband and I find it a joy to have our little man, Gavin as the latest member of the Drew Crew!  Say hello to baby Gavin!


These are just a few shots from his first photoshoot. He was bout a week and a half old. For the most part he did pretty good, but of course he had his moments where he was fussy and wanted to eat or be held.

The time is going to move by so swiftly and before we know it, our little man will be a big man! So for my self and other mothers and fathers, cherish all the moments, the good the bad, the frustrating and the sad.   It’s all worth it!

If you have any advice for a new momma, drop a comment below. Or just share your experience with a new-born! I’d love to hear!


Have a great day!




5 thoughts on “The New Man In My Life!

  1. Sophie Areli | Club Money Bin

    Congratulations on your newborn Kia! Gavin is such a nice name!
    And, these pictures are amazing!
    I love the top photo, the one where Gavin is smiling, and of course the family photo at the end is BEAUTIFUL! That family photo will make such a lovely picture for any wall in your home.
    Newborn advice? Save all his little moments on a thumb drive and put it in a special box.
    Save little items from his first weeks in there too.
    When he gets olds enough he can open his box and look back at all his first treasures.

  2. robin titus

    Oh what a joyous time for the new parents and grandparents to share this precious soul Gavin. Yes enjoy him every moment, time will flew by but caption the moments so they. will remain deep inside of your heart. He will be loved by every ounce of your hearts and of course mine. I Thank you Nelson and Kia for brining Gavin into this world. Much love and happiness with Gavin.

  3. Ambra Washington-Sookram

    I am beside myself. Kia your a mom!!!! What a beautiful family. Advice….hmmmm most important capture it all this time is so short. Blink and they’ll be 13 lol. So happy for you!

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