Do You Have Synergy?


Hi guys! Hows everyones day going? Can you believe January is over already? Boy did the time fly. I guess we are still in the winter season. Over here on the east coast, we are getting a mixture of weather during this season. It has been chilli and this vibrant coat from Synergy Clothing is keeping me warm. Check it out!


My friends over at Synergy Clothing sent me this awesome orange coat! The unique thing about it, is that it’s organic! Yep organic clothing! It feels good and wears just as well. Synergy Clothing focuses on organic fabrics for their products and the quality shows.

I paired this coat with some skinny jeans and boots for a casual look! in these photos I was winding down to the end of my pregnancy. A lot of my outerwear wouldn’t zip or button. This coat wasn’t one of them! I was able to zip it up comfortably while 9 months pregnant. Mind you this isn’t maternity.

I love that I can wear this piece now that I’m back to my normal size. For a vibrant, comfortable a casual chic look, make sure you grab your coat from Synergy Clothing here


Enjoy the rest of your day!



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