Legging Love!

Syreena Homer - 8A2A3287k

Hello yall! Lets dive right into these compression leggings from Tummy Aid! Yes they do just what they say, aid the tummy (among other things too).  If you just had a little one these are perfect for you!

So I had a baby and I’m adjusting to my new body lol.  A few bulges here and there needed some attention. My goal is to get back to a basic workout regimen, hopefully sooner rather than later. In the meantime these leggings from Tummy Aid are helping a momma out! They are positively aiding in my postpartum journey.

Syreena Homer - 8A2A3223a

The benefits that these leggings offer are endless! You get support while breastfeeding, reduce our favorite dessert, the muffin top,  shape and lift those back buns and thighs as well as support your back leg and core muscles.

Syreena Homer - 8A2A3235f

If you want, you can wear these under an outfit or just wear them as an outfit! They’re great for styling. Here I just paired a loose poncho and some heels with the leggings and bam! Instant and easy style, a mother’s dream.

Syreena Homer - 8A2A3225b

Syreena Homer - 8A2A3295l

Go check out these functional compression leggings from Tummy Aid to find out for yourself how they can get you snatched! See ya!





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