Got Purpose???

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So you tried a product here and tried a product there.  Have you ever tried a product with purpose? Well, now it’s time to! You’ve probably seen some photos where I have some items from a company called Purpose Kollection.  Today I’m going to share a little more about the brand and the products I enjoyed using.

Yep! A nice spa like day is definitely needed from time to time and I had that moment with Purpose Kollection!  Purpose Kollection is a brand that focuses on changing lives from the inside out!  You may be wondering, how is that so? By creating products that heal, restore, health and vitality using safe and natural ingredients.

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The company focuses on taking care of our bodies as whole. The product line is an extension of promoting a healthier you!

Some of the products I’ve used and thoroughly enjoyed were: Body & Foot Scrub, Holy Than Thou Body Wash & Hand Lotion, and Beard Oil (for the Hubs of course).

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Let me tell you that these products had a very pleasant smell that wasn’t too strong, yet just enough to have a clean, fresh scent about yourself.  The scrub left skin feeling exfoliated and baby soft to the touch.  For any type of scrub, I wouldn’t recommend using it daily because you don’t want to irritate your skin by daily vigorous scrubbing.

The lotion was just as easy and breezy as the scrub. It too had the same pleasant smell. It isn’t a heavy lotion, yet it still kept my skin feeling hydrated and moisturized through out the day.

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As for the beard oil, this was the feedback from my husband: ” it’s straight” LOL! That means he liked it. He doesn’t say too much but he sure did use it every morning. I like how it made his beard shine and it was soft to touch.

When you get a moment, make sure you check out Purpose Kollection, see what they are all about and join in our healthy eating, and beauty tips.

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Watch the video here to see how Purpose Kollection is used in my life! Go ahead, give your skin some purpose!



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