What on Earth Mama!

Syreena Homer - 8A2A0021

Earth Momma Organics! The brand for babies that is all organic. Baby Drew tried out some of their organic baby products and he had some things to say about it. Check out Gavin’s review through facial expressions on how much he loved the Earth Momma Organic brand!


This post is all about baby cuteness and goodness for the skin.  I try to be more conscious of what goes on my sons body and am always ecstatic when I find products that care just as much as I do about their brand and their consumer (our children).


I was able to try out the Earth Momma Organic gift goodies. It came with Angel Baby Body Wash & Shampoo, Angel Baby Bottom Balm , Angel Baby Lotion and Angel Baby Oil.


His skin looks and feels great! I noticed a slight sheen after applying the oil. Nothing greasy but his skin looked moisturized.  Won’t you take the time to check out A Little Something For Baby gift set! I think you’ll love the products just as much as Gavin does!

Syreena Homer - 8A2A0064


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