The Itzy Ritzy…


The itzy bitzy spider… know the song right!? It has a new tune, a fun one at that! Let’s get to know Itzy Ritzy a little better! So much fun and functionality in the Itzy Ritzy brand that I want to share.  For the busy mom, (or any mom at that) functionality is waaaay important. So let’s see how three Itzy Ritzy items can meet your daily needs.

Syreena Homer - 8A2A243765.jpg

The Teething Tool (Baby Jewelry)

Oh no! The baby is chewing on your necklace!, says the stranger in the grocery store.  And you reply, “Its ok it’s his teething necklace”.  This is one of the most simple yet clever things lol .

The super cute and baby friendly teething pendant is a chevron style with three basic colors that can go with just about anything! Im wearing it with a chambray tunic shirt and some leggings. Its cute mom and baby friendly. Gavin has a new chew buddy that doubles as a nice accessory to any outfit. Pure genius!


4-in-1-Multi Use Baby Cover

Function like a mom boss! Being able to get multiple uses out of one product is golden for any mom! This on the go baby cover can be used as a nursing cover, car seat cover, shopping cart cover and infinity scarf for mom!

I was able to test the functionality of the baby cover in 3 of the 4 ways! It was nice and stretchy as a baby car seat cover that was breathable and allows your baby visibility without feeling closed in.

As a breastfeeding or nursing cover, I looooooved the fact that I didn’t have to keep pulling it up on my shoulder (like a blanket) in order to accomplish a full feeding. The opening also provided great visibility and air circulation when nursing, because I don’t know about your little bundle, but mine sure does sweat ALOT when he feeds lol.

Lastly, momma needs to have fun too! The cover poses as a infinity scarf too. It provides easy, wearable access to the on demand needs of your nursing baby! Match it with any outfit and be on your way to a fun day with you little one.


Travel Happens Baby Wet Bag

Ok , so this little handy item can be used for anything wet! Dirty diapers, wet clothes, wipes shoes, I mean anything! You name it!

Syreena Homer - 8A2A285095

If you’re trying to avoid damp or wet items from messing up other areas then this is the bag for you. Especially when traveling. The baby wet bag can act as your portable trash can, maybe storage for liquids, a place for dirty diapers and much more. I like the versatility it provides on the go!


That wraps up our three awesome products from Itzy Ritzy! You have to go check out all the cool items they have. This brand really thought about momma and baby with their items and I definitely can appreciate it! Let me hear some of your efficient and stylish products ideas or favorites for both moms and babies!











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