CURLS In The City


Alright Ladies this is a late night, whine down and chill type of post! Do some of you struggle with an old hair style and think its pretty much a done deal? You can always revitalize the old for a new look!

Today’s post is going to be in a collage. So get cozy and watch how I used products from the Blueberry Bliss Curl Collection line to rock my OLD TWIST OUT two different ways. A times, my schedule gets a bit hectic and I neglect my hair. My go to becomes the good ole pineapple (or puff). Then sometimes I  need to give my edges a break and I just let it down and have its way. For those of us who get lazy sometimes (yes it beeeeez like that with natural hair at times lol), these are a few easy simple styles to get you buy a few more days until wash day. And of course, why not do it in style?


I hope you enjoyed a little stroll through the city with CURLS and got some inspiration on how to rock your old hair for a new look.  Catch you next time!



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