It’s A Wrap!

Syreena Homer - 8A2A4844

Ok! Have you been looking for the perfect wrap that prevents sweat and looks stylish doing so? Ladies and Gents, say hello to the Gym Wrap!


The Gym Wrap was created in 2011 by the lovely Nicole Arie Parker who noticed one of the common excuses we as woman use NOT to work out: our hair! Gym Wraps come in a variety of colors and patterns for men and women with varying hair lengths and textures.

I was able to try out a few of the head bands and the full coverage wraps! In the photos you will see the gym wrap headband in blackceladon, and camo.  The full wrap is in black.

I can definitely say they were comfortable and an easy wear. For my peeps who sweat a lot, I’m sure you will enjoy not having to keep wiping your brows after every set. If your an on the go mom and have to infuse your workout with other tasks, this is a quick fix to keep your hair in tact while on the go.

Make sure you check out the website to see all the various styles you can choose from!  If you know someone who has been looking for this product, be sure to send them to now! We can now work out without worry about our hair!





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