A Little Cardigan Fun!


Syreena Homer - 8A2A7561_1

Who doesn’t like a good quality go to cardigan? I know I do and every since I got mine it has been worn NUMEROUS times!  Check out my go to black cardigan from PinkBlush!

So I was able to wear this for our family photos and my sons 1st birthday photoshoot. It is so comfortable and functional. Having a busy 1 year old nowadays calls for clothing that is durable (and stylish may I add).

I paired the black cardigan with a clean, simple white button down shirt with denim skinny jeans and black boots. It was a classic and simple look that still had a ton of styles! The look we were going for was jean, black and white. We didn’t want to be matchy matchy, but we did want to compliment each other.

If you’re looking to set off your classic look with a cute and functional cardigan, make sure you grab it from PinkBlush. Oh, and happy New Year!




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