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Ever heard of UnoEth? If not, let me introduce you then! UnoEth (pronounced: ooh-no-eth) is a father-daughter business.  The owners love to travel and after a recent trip to Ethiopia, several leather goods were brought home as gifts for friends and family, only to realize that he needed to go back to Addis Ababa for more! Thus, the birth of UnoEth began.

Syreena Homer - 8A2A8058_1

I had the opportunity to try the cute, on the go Amara Leather Crossbody bag. This cool blue shade is definitely the pop to add to any outfit. And being made of genuine leather, you know it’s going to last for a while.

I’m really impressed by the quality and attention to detail in this bag. At this point in life less is more for me. And this bag is just the right size for what I need to put inside of it and to carry!

I haven’t carried a purse in a while due to carrying baby bags, mom bags and work bags lol. However, I don’t mind at carrying a crossbody bag if it’s going to be this functional and cute!

Make sure you check out the multiple colors you can get in the Amara Leather Crossbody bag. UnoEth just might be your new shop for all thing leather!




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