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Ever heard of UnoEth? If not, let me introduce you then! UnoEth (pronounced: ooh-no-eth) is a father-daughter business.  The owners love to travel and after a recent trip to Ethiopia, several leather goods were brought home as gifts for friends and family, only to realize that he needed to go back to Addis Ababa for more! Thus, the birth of UnoEth began.

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Its Raining Cat & Dogma!

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Who doesn’t love cute  clothing that’s ethically made? Baby clothing at that. Ever heard of Cat & Dogma? Cat & Dogma is a 100% organic and comfortably stylish brand for your cute little babies. They believe babies deserve to look and feel good and have created a clothing line that is happy and mindful. Check the cute, what I call “discover the world” outfit that Gavin is wearing!

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