Who is Kia Drew?

Kia Drew Headshot

I am thrilled that you want to be apart of knowing more about me and how I’m styled by life!  There are a few passions I’d like to share with you and it is my hope that in the process of sharing, you will find encouragement that will enhance your own lifestyle.

My name is Kia Drew. I’m a model, blogger and creative. These are things that pretty much get my gears going. I guess you can say hobbies turned passions lol!  I love life, the giver of life (God), and my family. Those loves bring a different perspective on my passions!  Here on http://www.kiadrew.com, you will get to explore areas like modeling, motherhood,  modest style, self care and more!

 The companies I collaborate and work with are meticulously chosen to coincide with who I am. At the same time I chose companies that have quality products that you should know about. Just because they aren’t mainstream doesn’t mean they aren’t great companies right?

So! Now that you know a little more about me, let’s delve in! Please enjoy every ounce of fun, love and care I put into sharing me with you!

Let’s be styled by life!!!!



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